29 October 2012

Persimmon salad


5 or 6 Fuyu persimmons
most of a fennel bulb & some of the fronds
about half a small red onion
4 or 5 purple & pink radishes, of various sizes
seeds from about a quarter to a third of a large pomegranate
microplaned zest of 1 Meyer lemon, & a little bit of the juice
1 shallot

Mandoline persimmons, fennel, onion & radishes. The persimmons & fennel can be marginally thicker than the onion & radishes, which should be as thin as possible.

Combine everything in a bowl, except for the fennel fronds & shallot. Put the shallot shavings in a bit of sherry vinegar & leave for a few minutes, then add olive oil, salt & pepper. Mix together, pour over the rest of the salad, & toss to dress.

Spread out prettily in a large, shallow serving dish & decorate with fennel fronds.

20 May 2012



The Romano beans climb enthusiastically up their strings, sprouting new leaves as they go.


16 April 2012



I summon passing neighbors & strangers alike, to come & stand under it, listen to the bees buzzing… & inhale deeply.

It’s that good.

14 April 2012

What to do with leftover mac & cheese

It’s so much fun being a foodie in the Bay Area. You can have your mind blown when you least expect it. This time, it was a grilled mac & cheese sandwich, courtesy of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. Yes! You heard me right! Mac & cheese where normally just cheese would be! I only got to sample a quarter of a sandwich—such a tease—& then I couldn’t stop talking about it & thinking about it, until finally I went to Homeroom to scratch at least the mac & cheese part of the itch. As usual, I ate half of my mac & cheese & brought the rest home.

So just what do you think happened the next day? Duh….


15 March 2012

not quite spring


Almost two whole weeks without my main camera now. I had to send it off to the camera hospital. Fortunately still under warranty. But it’s surprising me, how much I’m affected by not having it. I feel kind of at a loss, oddly disabled. Does this mean I have actually become a photographer?

The little point & shoot has to suffice for now; I remind myself that good pictures are possible with any camera. Even with as mild a winter as we’ve had, this time of year is usually hard for me. In the past, it has brought much more severe forms of deprivation & disability, so I’m grateful that this time is just coping without a favorite tool.

20 February 2012



Inspired by Whitney Chen’s biscuit wisdom, I made these last weekend. For some reason, I don’t remember ever making biscuits before. Maybe because when faced with that kind of butter to flour ratio (not for the faint of heart—literally), I’d usually opt for a pie. Good to step out of old habits once in a while; these came out deeelicious! Half whole wheat, half white flour, milk.


30 January 2012

Where turnip cake comes from


Daikon on granny’s kitchen counter, ready to come home with us. I always think of them as “turnips” though… because that’s what turnip cake is made out of.